Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall vs Woodbury Commons

jersey gardens outlet mallWhy Choose Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall

There are several reasons why you might choose to go to Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall rather than to Woodbury Commons in upstate New York, with this article we wish to point out these factors to anyone having trouble deciding between the two.


To begin with Woodbury Commons can be a one hour journey by bus, car or van service from Manhattan to Upstate New York, or longer depending on traffic conditions, whereas getting to Jersey Gardens is closer to 30 minutes from midtown Manhattan, which of course gives you more time to shop. Also, Jersey Gardens Mall is conveniently located across the Hudson very near (5 minutes) to Newark International Airport which makes it an ideal opportunity to do some last minute shopping before departing if you are visiting New York City and leaving from this airport.

jersey gardens outlet mallSetting

When compared with Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall which is an indoor facility, Woodbury Commons is an outdoor center and while it is situated in beautiful natural surroundings, it might not be as comfortable in every season. That said, Woodbury Commons does have a larger selection of retailers with 220 as opposed to 200 at Jersey Garden, just keep in mind that in either case that is probably more stores than you could visit in one day.


Also, despite the fact that presently there are not as many outlets at Jersey Garden as at its New York State rival, retailers in this mall remain competitive on factors such as convenience and also price because of the New Jersey State sales tax policy. New Jersey doesn’t charge sales tax on any clothing and please note, ladies, this includes shoes! The only real distinction between the two states is that New York’s sales tax is 8.375%, whereas in New Jersey it is 7%.

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